Decal Installation

    Application Conditions:

    Temperature between 50 deg - 90 deg F.
    Wind needs to be calm or apply in garage. No Direct Sunlight. No Dust.
    Clean surface before applying.
    Wash hands to remove oils.
    Apply to smooth non-oily surface.

    ·     Small decals with transfer tape- Use Z66/Z71 procedure.

    ·     Large graphics with transfer tape- Clean entire surface close to or above application area. Two or more people required. Wet Application. Pre-wet vehicle area right before application, remove graphic backing indoors (on a table or large flat surface). Wet down the sticky side. Apply to vehicle and align where desired. Squeegee water from top to bottom. Wet transfer paper to help the release graphic. Squeegee again. Allow to sit a few minutes (you can start other side if applicable). Remove transfer carefully. Be patient. Some small areas will come up with tape (don't tear vinyl) just keep area wet until you can get back to it. Align areas needed. Wet and squeegee again. Trim and wrap areas where needed (It may require more time to dry before it sticks again). Recommendation is to wait 2 weeks before washing vehicle. Park in the sun to help cure. DO NOT drive vehicle for at least 24 hours.

    ·     Chevrolet Tailgate lettering- Wet Application. Apply each letter with soapy water in shaded area. After application allow 3 hours of sunlight before driving or tending to bubbles if any. A blow dryer or heat gun my be used to speed drying process. See"Note".

    ·     Cladding lettering- Dry Application. Clean surface with alcohol or grease removing agent. After surface has been thoroughly prepared. Apply each letter dry and do not press until the letter has been aligned correctly. Pointy tweezers may be needed for this task. Apply with heat gun to assure decal adhesive is down into the grooved areas. See "Note".

    ·     3rd B-light decal- Wet Application. Apply with soapy water align to correct position. Don't touch it anymore even if there are edges that are not in position. After application allow it to sit for 3 hours of sunlight before driving, tending to bubbles or trimming. A blow dryer or heat gun can be used to speed drying process. See "Note".

    ·     Z66/Z71- Dry application. Use tab that is folded around the right edge of decal. Position and align the decal where desired. Press tab down to Fold decal in position. Flip decal from left to right over the holding tab. Remove backing carefully. Now apply decal from right to left with a credit card or bondo squeegee. Some decals may come with multiple layers. A wet application will be required for the top layers. Please call for help at the number provided below if needed.

    Note: When using heat methods do not apply direct heat to film. Use a sheet of paper to protect the film. Not liable for any damage to vehicles or decals. These are just helpful installation tips.

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